The Beach at Panama City Beach

The Beach at Panama City Beach

When I first arrived in Panama City Beach I knew I would have lots of time on my hands to walk the beach, write, and relax…. after my daily allotment of work. In my mind, I’d already put myself on the beach with my computer working from my sandy, sunny office location.

Think about that… sand and sun… known by their more realistic names: grit and glare. It was a nice dream.

I worked on the beach all of twice, and instead took my breaks there. I’d walk from my campsite across the road and onto the beach, where I’d choose a northwest or southeast trek depending on the mood. It would immediately reenergize me while simultaneously soothing my soul. Sometimes I walked over at first light and enjoyed my coffee from the boardwalk.

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It never got boring because the ocean has many moods and the creatures that wander the shores are entertaining to observe.

I was a little sad to leave but the weather began to get too cold in January. It was time for me to move onto warmer shores… or so I thought.

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