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Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home.

Travel with Me

Mapping Borders

Rv Map of visited states and provinces I stuck my map up on the door, carefully matching velcro strips I'd placed along the edge of a sheet of vinyl. I stood back and looked at my work. The edge was crooked, which irritated me a little, I thought I cut it straight. Isn't that just like life? We plan in straight lines, but the actuality is always a different matter. I kept the map as it was, happy with the symbolism. When I bought this fifth wheel, I thought I'd have it forever, but here I was, afraid to stick the map of my travels directly on the exterior wall of the trailer. Rather than displaying it for all passers-by to see, it only bragged of my nomadic lifestyle when the weather was warm enough to have the door open. I'm proud of the places I've traveled as a solo female RVer, especially since I was pulling a 33-foot fifth wheel. My entire rig was 50-feet long, …

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Let’s Change the World Together

2020! I had planned a trip for my family to Disney World in Florida over the Christmas holidays two decades ago. It was 1999, and at midnight on December 31st, the calendars would turn to 2000! It was a big deal! The Y2K talk had run amok, and people were spouting the crashing of computers all over the world as each internal clock hit midnight. It was also a time of growing concern about terrorists. 9/11 hadn’t happened yet, but there was a lot of chatter and warning that a terrorist attempt was imminent on New Year’s Eve. We, in the United States, had been introduced to terrorism as there was a domestic and international upswing in incidents. Nothing like what we’ve experienced since, but at the time, it caught the world’s collective attention. It was a time of fear never experienced in such a world-wide magnitude in our years prior. We’d planned to spend New Year’s Eve at the …

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Taking a Bite Out of Positive Thinking

I began to listen to Abraham-Hicks for daily motivation many years ago. If you’ve heard of Abraham Hicks, you’ll either love her or think the entire concept is odd. I am in both camps. Regardless of the oddity surrounding the source of the Law of Attraction lessons, I still believe the message itself is a good one. Having been raised in an environment that offered mostly negative feedback, it takes constant vigilance to rewire your brain towards gratitude and positivity. I started rewiring my brain during college, but decades later, I still require regular doses of reminders. A maintenance plan, of sorts. Me, the summer before I began college. Esther Hicks, channeling Abraham, helped maintain my rewiring process. There are a few of the Law of Attraction concepts I tried to support wholeheartedly but have not found them to be 100% accurate. One of those concepts is that I …

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About Real Home Sense


is considered the place where one lives permanently.

The location you return to every night after a day of work or play. It’s where you keep your stuff.

Most people consider home static, non-moving; like an apartment, a house, or even a double-wide in a fixed location.

But more people are discovering that this definition of home doesn’t have to be true. The concept of home can live in your heart and if you learn how to SENSE it, home can be where ever you choose it to be. An RV, a hotel, an Air BnB, or a series of couches. Travel a city, a country, or the world, and still be home.

Home is a state of mind, where your basic needs are met and accompanied by  feelings of comfort.

Home is where your heart is – safe, healthy, and happy – but feeling alive and personal growth doesn’t usually happen here.

You need to step outside your door, and into a little discomfort, because that is where you’ll feel truly alive, and that is where the REAL adventure begins…



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Let the adventures begin!