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Changing Scenery / Road Trips

I LOVE road trips. For me, it's the ultimate freedom. Yesterday I left home with my 15 and 16 year old for a 20-hour drive to Orlando. It's been years since the three of us have traveled together and I suspect this might be the last one for a long, long while. They've hit the age where jobs and girlfriends have become more important than hitting the open road with their mom. I've taken them many places, some with their dad and many without. We've driven to Georgia, the Florida Keys, the Outer Banks, Memphis, New Orleans, and many places in between. We've also covered territory throughout Ontario and Quebec. All by car. Yesterday's drive began with my youngest flexing his new driving skills until the interstate. Then all was quiet as heads were buried in their technology of choice. Then the mood changed. We passed the sign for "Big Bone Lick State Park" and giggled …

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Escapees RV Club

If you’ve never considered traveling full-time before, then you probably haven’t considered the logistics of such things like mail and taxes. One thing I’ve learned is that every local, state and federal government wants to claim their pound of flesh.  It’s nearly impossible to do anything without a fixed address for the government, the banks and the insurance companies.  They want a physical address and a post box is unacceptable. When I decided to travel full-time this was a huge issue.  I wouldn’t have been able to get a loan for my fifth wheel without a permanent address. The underwriters do not want to hear you say you’ll be traveling full-time. They want to know exactly where to track you down should you default on your loan.  I suspect many full-timers use family addresses where they can get their mail and keep the banks and governments lulled into thinking your address is …

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Fog and rain moving in

Fog and rain moving in, originally uploaded by cletch. Hope to get to Gatlinburg before it gets too miserable! Smoky Mountain National Park on the NC - TN state line. Pat Williams 248-842-5527 CyberCletch LLC Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry …

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About Real Home Sense


is considered the place where one lives permanently.

The location you return to every night after a day of work or play. It’s where you keep your stuff.

Most people consider home static, non-moving; like an apartment, a house, or even a double-wide in a fixed location.

But more people are discovering that this definition of home doesn’t have to be true. The concept of home can live in your heart and if you learn how to SENSE it, home can be where ever you choose it to be. An RV, a hotel, an Air BnB, or a series of couches. Travel a city, a country, or the world, and still be home.

Home is a state of mind, where your basic needs are met and accompanied by  feelings of comfort.

Home is where your heart is – safe, healthy, and happy – but feeling alive and personal growth doesn’t usually happen here.

You need to step outside your door, and into a little discomfort, because that is where you’ll feel truly alive, and that is where the REAL adventure begins…


Let the adventures begin!