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To feel truly alive be less comfortable.

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Use Those New Toes to Give Yourself a Kick in the Ass

Yes, those shoes are sexy, but if they hurt, don't wear them. There's nothing sexy about hobbling around in high heels because they were designed for women who only have four toes. There's nothing sexy about not being able to take that stroll after dinner because looking good in stilettos is more important than quality time with your partner. I watched a show on the news last night and was appalled; people are actually paying money for surgery on their feet so they can then spend more money on shoes. Now aside from the fact this makes no financial sense, why would anyone undergo the risk of surgery just to wear trendy shoes? I am just as disgusted to see beautiful older women getting facelifts and small breasted women enlarging their A & B cup sizes to "freakishly large." Post-op, those previously beautiful starlets, look distorted and fake while the big boobed babe has taken …

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Custom Cookies are a Treat

Sara Dandy is an artisan cookie creator. She can create any design you give her. Here is a tray of custom Christmas cookies I won via Dandy Delights Facebook Page. Each one is it's own little hand "painted" unique work of art. Oh and they are SHORTBREAD! I have a weak spot for REAL shortbread.... and she offers a variety of flavors! Rather than baking this year, I offered my company 2 trays of Dandy Delights Custom Cookie Creations. Made my life easier... and more delicious. She'll be creating logo cookies for me in the new year.... did I mention she ships? …

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Swanepoel Trends Report

@swanepoel trends report, originally uploaded by cletch. Look what just arrived at my door! Lots to read this month! Pat Williams 248-842-5527 CyberCletch LLC Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry …

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About Real Home Sense


is considered the place where one lives permanently.

The location you return to every night after a day of work or play. It’s where you keep your stuff.

Most people consider home static, non-moving; like an apartment, a house, or even a double-wide in a fixed location.

But more people are discovering that this definition of home doesn’t have to be true. The concept of home can live in your heart and if you learn how to SENSE it, home can be where ever you choose it to be. An RV, a hotel, an Air BnB, or a series of couches. Travel a city, a country, or the world, and still be home.

Home is a state of mind, where your basic needs are met and accompanied by  feelings of comfort.

Home is where your heart is – safe, healthy, and happy – but feeling alive and personal growth doesn’t usually happen here.

You need to step outside your door, and into a little discomfort, because that is where you’ll feel truly alive, and that is where the REAL adventure begins…


Let the adventures begin!