Star Qualities I Appreciate

Star Qualities I Appreciate

I don’t have the groupie mentality. If I see a star, I see someone just like us, a person who puts their pants on the same way I do. I don’t even bother to collect autographs.

Except in the case of one star: OnStar.

I feel a little silly admitting I am gaga over a company, but it’s not so much the company itself, rather what it represents to me.

I love to travel. Every year I would put my two boys in the car and head out to destinations in Ontario, Ohio, Kentucky, Georgia, Virginia or anywhere my wandering heart desired. The first time I did it, I was nervous. I was a young mother traveling hours and hours with two babies in an unreliable car. Once I ran out of gas on the highway between Kingston and Toronto, Ontario with a car full of kids and a dog. I never made that mistake again!

My first cell phone alleviated much of that fear. I knew if I got in trouble I could always call for help; providing I knew where I was. After hours of staring at mile markers and exits on a long trip – they all begin to look the same!

Then in 2003, I bought my Buick which came with OnStar. Guess what? I didn’t NEED to know where I was anymore! They could find me! With that peace of mind came the realization that if I ever needed help or a question answered; they were just a button press away. Trips became even more relaxing.

The best part of that service was the dinner reservations. If I was out with friends and we didn’t know where to eat, the OnStar advisors would not only find us a restaurant nearby but they’d make the reservations for us! In my mind, my Buick became a stretch limo. I had “people.”

So when my twitter friend and OnStar Public Relations Pro, Kameya Shows, asked me if I wanted a tour of the OnStar Command Center, I got stars in my eyes…. OnStar Command Center Tour


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