Jersey Boys Rocked the Fisher Theater

Jersey Boys Rocked the Fisher Theater

Between Christmas and New Year I decided to introduce my two teenage boys to a little theatre culture. It wasn’t their first experience, they’ve seen Lion King in Toronto and Annie in Columbus, Ohio but they were much smaller and easier to impress then.

I hadn’t heard much about Jersey Boys other than it was a great production. Both my kids are quite involved with music at school so I hoped the musical would hold their interest rather than illicit the typical teenage response of eye rolling and yawns of boredom.

I so wanted them to love it for two reasons:

  1. I wanted them to get the same pleasure and enjoyment I do from the theatre. I don’t get to attend as many productions as I’d like because of the expense. If money were no object, I’d see every show playing here in Detroit, Toronto, and New York.
  2. I don’t want to be the parent who drags them to boring crap. I wanted them to consider going out with their mother as fun. When I set up activities in the future, I wanted them to look forward to it with anticipation, rather than disgruntlement.

Being a fairly recent Detroit area transplant, this was my first foray into the Fisher Building; I was stunned by it’s beauty. The first time I saw downtown Detroit, I was impressed by the architecture here and the Fisher Building is the crowning jewel.

We had a light lunch in the Cloud Nine Restaurant and Ultra Lounge. The salad was good despite my concern that the establishment was much quieter than expected pre-show.

We headed into the theatre and took our front row balcony seats. The opening act got our attention immediately. Within the first 15 minutes I knew my boys would like the show even if the music pre-dated them.

Jersey Boys tells the history of the Four Seasons in a fun, unique and exciting way. I loved it and, I dare say, my teenagers did too. I think they’ll choose to attend more theatre productions with me in the future.

Video of the London cast:

I saw MAMMA MIA! on Broadway and I enjoyed Jersey Boys in Detroit even more.

Jersey Boys is only playing until January 23rd so grab your teenagers and take them – they won’t be disappointed and neither will you!

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