NOCBOR, Numerology and Men

Last night I attended NOCBOR‘s “After Holiday Party” to watch Doug Hardy Jr. of Century 21 Today get sworn in as President-elect and my business associate Geoff Leach get sworn in as secretary to the 2010 Executive Board.

The salmon from the buffet dinner at Fountains Golf and Banquet Center in Clarkston was excellent but I only stayed long enough to consult with the numerologist at the party.

Numerology advocates suggest your birth numbers can help you make better life decisions. Being that I am going through a major change I thought it would be fun to find out what he had to say.

The only other time I saw a numerologist was in October 1989 when I was visiting Edinburgh, Scotland. I remember the reading was thorough and very positive. It told me what I wanted to hear; I’d be happy and I’d travel a lot in my life. Perhaps I don’t remember what I didn’t want to hear.

So I managed to get a turn at the table and introduced myself to Alex Dimond. I gave him my month and day of birth (6,5) and he told me some interesting things.

He mentioned that times have been tough but what I’m building will come to fruition over the next three years.
(I’d prefer sooner, thank-you-very-much.)

This coming year will be a year of fun.
(now this sounds good, I could use some fun!)

He said I will be surrounded by men, if I haven’t got one in the closet already.
(the men I know who are in the closet aren’t typically interested in me when they come out!)

I visualized what being surrounded by men might look like and I realized he was completely accurate.

I am surrounded by men.

I used to be surrounded by boys but this year my boys have become young men. My young men and their friends spend a lot of time in my basement – which happens to wrap around my office.

Not quite the type of men I had initially visualized but I can always hope for rain….

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