Powering Up & Skating Off

Powering Up & Skating Off

I was back on roller skates again for the first time in too many years, thanks to an invitation to P.O.W.E.R Organization’s fundraising event hosted by Latoniya Jones. Her organization helps children aged 7-16 increase their confidence, competency, and proficiency with math.

In my head, I was movin’ and groovin’ to the sounds of the seventies, but the reality was much different. They didn’t play Disco Duck or Sometimes When We Touch, and I found my body was unable move the way it used to. Sure, my center of gravity has shifted slightly; roller skating never provided a workout sweat before either.

Apparently, my body did not receive the lesson on the power of positive thinking.

With each lap, skating memories returned…

  • My first rink in Toronto and the reason I began to ride the city bus alone in 5th grade.
  • Buying my own pair of roller skates.
  • Every weekend of my early teenage years, and several “all nighters”, dancing and skating until sunrise.
  • The happiness of having a hand to hold during the couple’s skate.
  • The two occasions I’ve hitchhiked.

Towards the end of today’s event, I was beginning to get a little doo-wop back in my stride and I even participated in the backwards skate. If there was a local roller rink, I’d be planning a weekly visit and be dancing on 8 wheels again in no time.

Instead, I’ll look forward to the next P.O.W.E.R Organization’s skating fundraiser!


  1. Pat, We are so excited that you supported the event… but more so that these wonderful memories resurfaced. A weekly visit is definitely in my plans. We’ll have the next fundraiser date set by the end of the week and will definitely share with you. The music..I agree was different for me. They played a few requests, but typically play to the age range of the crowd… which means we need a few more moms + dads in our bracket there or to spread out the request list we received from our facebook friends. Thanks for sharing our mission with your “other” friends. – Toni

  2. I enjoyed the playlist once I was able to focus on something beyond staying upright!  It’s probably better they didn’t play that music because then my body may have tried skating like the “old days” and injured the “old me”!  It would be fun to get a group together and skate regularly.  I’ll look forward to your next fundraiser Toni – your personality and joie de vivre make the events fun.

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