Awestruck by TEDxDetroit

Awestruck by TEDxDetroit

This week, I attended TEDxDetroit. I choose my conferences carefully because I don’t have much time to waste on events that don’t teach or provide some sort of return on my time investment.

I missed the first TEDxDetroit last year because I wasn’t sure about that ROI. I watched a couple of 2009 videos and knew 2010’s presentations would be interesting as well. I applied and was honored when organizers offered me a seat for this limited attendee event.

For the past two days I’ve been contemplating how to explain what I got out of TEDxDetroit. I absolutely loved it and on many occasions was completely blown away by the talent and innovation I saw on the stage. The format was excellent, I left the DIA theater feeling as though I’d been at some epic concert rather than a business event. The mix of creatives was jaw dropping; whoever chose and set up the order of the speakers and performers was brilliant. Each was like a breath of fresh air when they took the stage.

Jessica Care Moore is only one of many who left me in awe. She stood on stage belting out masterfully woven words that wrapped my ears in lyrical wonder:

I hope to never miss another TEDxDetroit event. Bravo to the organizers, volunteers, speakers and believers – you delivered so much more than my expectations could imagine. Thank you!


  1. Great review of TEDx Detroit! It was Awesome. I also could not be more grateful I was able to attend!

  2. Way to capture that feeling. I too was blown away, and the variety of topics and performances was incredible. Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.’s one song was purely stunning. D Blair’s poetry changed my life I think. It was so very good, I can’t wait until next year… I gotta be part of it, and the future success of Detroit, yeah, Detroit.

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