Visiting in the Rain

Visiting in the Rain

Great Blue Heron

This was today’s visitor, they often hang out at the end of my lawn where there is some flooding or fish in the shallow water beside the dock. This is the first one I’ve seen actually ON the dock. Wish I had a lens that let me get closer. This was taken through my rain soaked family room window because if I had opened the sliding door the Great Blue Heron would be gone. It is a Great Blue, isn’t it?


  1. That is so awesome!

  2. I believe it is a Great Blue!  They are such graceful birds. Thanks for sharing!  

  3. Thank you for stopping by! It was great to finally meet you at the conference. 🙂

  4. Janey – you must see some amazing large wildlife in your area… you need to stay there until I can come out to visit!

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