Times Like These: Kid Rock and Michigan

Times Like These: Kid Rock and Michigan

I caught part of Kid Rock’s performance on the American Music Awards and was hoping to find it online. I know in the past Kid Rock hasn’t been too accepting of his content on the internet. I hope he’s coming around because this video reminded me I need to go buy his new disc TODAY.

“Even though it’s bittersweet and brings us to our knees, it makes us who we are in times like these.”

Hard times in our lives allows us to recognize and be grateful the good days. Challenges build our strength by teaching us we can overcome any adversity. Sometimes it requires an optimistic attitude to make changes and sometimes the discomfort is what pushes us to improve.

I’ve discovered I need less to be happy and have renegotiated my goals to focus on what is truly important. What have you discovered about yourself in times like these?

The ice and snow give way to a new spring bloom
In the wake that hope and faith they will be home soon
A new day dawns as the good Lord shines from above
Cuz in the rubble and rust there remains a whole lotta love.


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