My Empty Canvas

Well here it is. My Blog. An empty canvas.
I can create whatever I want. Hmmmm… what do I want?

Apparently a blogger needs to determine a purpose for the blog:

  1. to share real estate related information as it pertains to being a Virtual Assistant.
  2. to share real estate related information as it pertains to having or wanting a house and/or property.
  3. to share real estate information as it pertains to being a Realtor and learning about the real estate market.
  4. to share real estate or community information about Oakland County, Commerce Township and anywhere my clients help people buy and sell homes.
  5. to journal my life
  6. to express myself
  7. to allow existing and potential clients to know me better
  8. to keep in touch with friends, family and clients in an personal and efficient way.

That’s a lot of purposes! Like most of humanity, my blog is multi-dimensional; all of the parts working together to create a whole. If this blog has a single purpose… it would be to allow others to see all of me… the business me, the private me, the mother, the friend… and to realize that I am a consistent individual, who may not be perfect, but can be relied upon, trusted and believed.

Whether you are a client, friend, or an acquaintance, I am grateful for your involvement in my life and I value the trust you place in me. My hope is that the information you find in this blog authenticates that purpose.


  1. whee! i’m having fun watching all the cool parts to your blog and trying to figure them out…. keep it up!

  2. LOL If you’re trying to “figure them out” is that a good or a bad thing?

  3. I have seen people creating their blog with second post coming after 2 months.

  4. Loved to read your blog. I would like to suggest you that traffic show most people read blogs on Mondays. So it should encourage bloggers to write new write ups over the weekend primarily.
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