I Thought You Were a Real Estate Agent

I Thought You Were a Real Estate Agent

I have been trying to gather votes for a contest that will cover many of my costs for a conference in Vegas. The Accelerate Live Workshops are for people who run companies offering virtual support. As many of you know, I have managed CyberCletch LLC, Your Marketing Management Team for over a decade now.

When I moved to Michigan, several circumstances collided and I began to sell real estate. I loved working with my clients, got rave reviews, and became very busy. So busy, I had to make a choice. It was not an easy one but the 16 hour days, 7 day work weeks took a huge toll on my health, on my relationship with my children, on the maintenance of my house and on participation in my own business. The hours required to make a sale, and then get it to closing, have became unacceptable to me because both jobs deserve a full time commitment. (Thank you to my wonderful team for handling everything I couldn’t!)

After much soul searching, and self-clarification of long-term goals, I decided to take my Realtor signs down, put my license in escrow and focus all efforts on my business. My final real estate deal is in contract and once that closes, I will be done.

Kind of.

I love real estate. I may not be actively selling but be assured the real estate industry has not gotten rid of me entirely. But…. that news is for the future.

PS – I have until noon today to win that contest so if you haven’t voted yet – please do! “Candidate C”

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