Downsizing to a Shed

Downsizing to a Shed

“The tiny house movement is not a fad, the McMansion was a fad.”

Michael Janzen Tiny House Design Blog

Currently, I own a 3000 square foot home and between working to pay for it, cleaning & maintaining the it, I have no free time. I’m imprisoned by the house and the size has lost it’s appeal.

I understand why a person would choose to live in a shed-sized tiny house. It offers freedom from the very things that keep me imprisoned. It offers better cash flow and allows owners to experience life for reasons beyond acquisition. I suspect tiny house owners spend more time out of doors. In another year, I’ll be downsizing significantly, the goal is to make my tiny house mobile.

Houses are meant to provide us shelter and comfort, our entire lives shouldn’t have to revolve around keeping a roof over our heads; not in this day and age.

If you’re interested in reading more about this lifestyle choice, I wrote about the Small House movement and posted a trailer from an upcoming documentary on the lifestyle over on

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