What Band Kids Do With Their Spare Time

What Band Kids Do With Their Spare Time

I’ve covered a lot of Walled Lake Schools music on my blog over the past few years because my children were so heavily involved in band. This will be the last year I cover school concerts since my eldest is in college and my youngest has chosen bypass orchestra next year in order to pursue other courses that will help with his career of choice. He would have participated in the Walled Lake Marching Band but he’s not able to because it’s mandatory that he also be taking a music course (in most cases). I’m a little sad, but am thankful for they’ve learned from their participation.

Even though my children have not chosen careers in the musical field, the music program was hugely beneficial to them. It made school fun, they acquired friends of all ages, and they continue to socialize together even though many have gone in different directions.

When they get together:

They play.

They jam.

They learn.

They laugh.

Abby is on the banjo, Brett on guitar, Nicole is on the drum and slinky, Cayce/Bass & Grace plays the violin.

I have yet to see them get together to practice math, or read. Band is a marvelous course and important to acquiring well rounded life skills.

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