Detroit Rocks!

Detroit Rocks!

Reader’s Digest recently published a picture slideshow called 9 Surprising Reasons Why Detroit Rocks as part of their Travel the World series.

Here is a summary of their list: (Visit here to see the images and the reasons for their selections.)

  1. The Heidelberg Project
  2. The Cass Corridor
  3. The Westin Book Cadillac Detroit
  4. Mexicantown’s Restaurants and Supermercados
  5. The Eastern Market
  6. Detroit on Wheels (or Feet)
  7. Artists’ Studios
  8. Motown (and Other Musical Attractions)
  9. The Quest for the Perfect Coney

Of course, those that live in and around this city understand there are more than 9 reasons why Detroit Rocks! For more cool things to see and do in Detroit, check out Becks Davis’ blog at

Thanks to @bchesnutt for bringing this list to my attention via twitter.

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