Stephen Clark & Pirates on the Straits Lakes

Stephen Clark & Pirates on the Straits Lakes

Typically a homebody, lately my calendar has been chock full of social events! Saturday night I interviewed Stephen Clark of WXYZ Action News for an upcoming post on and he and his wife, Larenne, were kind enough to invite me to a party on one of the Straits Lakes. The water provides a completely different view of a neighborhood and its residents. One of the "pirates" told me there was "nothing like lake living," I'd have to agree. Stephen Clark wrote & performed "Pink Pirate Continue reading

Learning to Learn in an EmpowerMind Workshop

Yesterday I took my son to an EmpowerMind Workshop in Oakland County, Michigan. EmpowerMind is an educational workshop offered by Kim Kassner. She teaches preteens, teens and adults how to determine their learning style and then process information by capitalizing on their personal strengths. I realized my children learned differently than what was expected of them when they attended school in Worthington, Ohio. The term right brain versus left brain thinkingloosely explains two Continue reading

Feeling Lucky in the Storm Aftermath

I spent a fun-filled birthday weekend in Southern Ontario and Buffalo, but came home on June 8th to storms, chaos and no electricity. As I drove north along M5, I was serenaded by tornado sirens and found myself spending more time keeping an eye of the sky instead of the road. We were fortunate, no home or property damage, but there were many trees uprooted north of us. The worst of our woes was living without electricity for 6 days. I experienced a surreal moment on June 10th. After Continue reading