TEDxDetroit: Wednesday, September 29th 2010

I'm excited to attend several conferences over the next month. Last year when TEDx was in Detroit I wasn't able to go, I made sure my schedule was clear this time! TEDxDetroit is about generating positive ideas for the world from Detroit. If you're passionate and want to contribute to the discussion, apply to attend here. Watching the news this morning, WXYZ covered a story on "Believe in Detroit" a campaign to promote the positive in Detroit. It seems to me communities such as Motor Continue reading

Not My Typical Weekend

Not My Typical Weekend

Typically on the weekend I wake up, work until noon, go for a run, bike ride, kayak or boat ride, make dinner, eat and play a little World of Warcraft. (Horde Rocks!) This weekend was different. Instead of fighting murlocks I was fighting blight. Recently I joined a networking group called Motor City Connect to learn more about the area. As a result I've met some exceptional people and found a few interesting events to attend! Through Motor City Connect, I learned of an opportunity Continue reading

Detroit on Foot: 10th Annual DAC – ULI Downtown Walking Tour

Last night I had the pleasure of seeing a new Detroit, a Detroit I didn’t know existed. I’ve lived in Michigan nearly three years and have only traveled downtown a handful of times. Each visit was enjoyable and made me appreciate the Motor City a tiny bit more than I had before the visit. Last night changed all that. I fell in love and learned to truly appreciate the city for its rich architectural history, its future potential and its optimistic presence. The walking tour theme was Continue reading