Pea Island

Pea Island

A short drive over a long bridge took us to Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge known for its abundance of waterfowl.  We took a short hike over to the beach area.

Bridge between Bodie & Pea Islands

The land had obviously been under water during the storm as the sand was still very wet and, in places, quicksand-like.  I’m glad I still have my flip flop and that James was there to pull me out!

Pea Island Shells

There were an abundance of shells…. more than I’ve ever seen on a beach in one place.
It seemed to be a favorite fishing place for locals as well.

Pea Island fisherman

I found an interesting accounting of the history of the Pea Island Life-Saving Station (now decommissioned) on wikipedia.

Pea Island

Like Bodie Island it has at different times been attached to the peninsula due to changing land in the Outer Banks. In fact, it didn’t exist between 1945 and 2011 because it was just considered the northern part of Hatteras Island until Hurricane Irene separated them by creating the New Inlet.

I left Pea Island behind with vegetables on my brain.

We tend to buy food and eat in our room when we’re at the beach but when we do eat out, I try to choose somewhere local.

Sam & Omie's Restaurant

We selected Sam & Omie’s which was within walking distance from the Sea Foam and other motels. I was delighted with the pictures on the walls and the history of the restaurant – Sam & Omie were local fisherman. The food was delicious too!

Sam & Omie's Greek Salad & Tuna

Seriously, the BEST tasting tomatoes I’ve had since my own garden. I could tell they purchased them directly from the producers.

Tomorrow we hope to take a kayaking trip in the Alligator River National Refuge area. Fingers crossed!


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