Dangerous Regression

Dangerous Regression

As I sat working in the Family Room today, the two story room was filled with echoes of mischievous giggles and footsteps running up and downstairs, slamming doors, followed by hollers between cohorts. I was immediately transported back to having two active boys and my mother’s instincts kicked in. I knew I had to go check on these two, only instead of two elementary school boys, I was dealing with my 17 year old son and his 19 year old friend.

What were they up to? They’d pulled the old First Alert Fire Safety Ladder out of the upstairs closet and were testing it by traveling in and out of the second story window. It’s good to know it’s still holding up after 12 years of upstairs closet storage.

After professing their surprise that I didn’t immediately demand they put it away, my son exclaims, “this is something dad would let us do!”

On a more serious note: I always felt safer knowing there was a ladder in the second floor closet should it ever be needed during a fire. Up until today my kids ignored it. It sits over the top of the clothes bar in the closet and the stairs fold neatly into each other so they don’t take up much space. Having it has provided peace of mind but we’d never actually tested it until today. It works well!

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