I love this song and thought I’d share before I head out on another road trip. This one is special because my boys will be with me for two weeks.

Look out Vancouver Island!  Here we come!



Written by Tebey Ottoh, Sebastian Thott, Didrik Thott, Carl Björsell

There are roads, in this life that we all travel
There are scars and there are battles where we roam
When we are lost, or wherever we may go
They will always lead you home

There are roads, that have led me to another
To a friend or to a lover I have known
For every turn, is a year that I have grown
As I walk along these roads

Some are long and some are weathered
Some will lead you through a storm
When you’ve gone astray you will find your way
As you walk along these roads

There were times, when I stumbled and I wandered
But every choice and every step I don’t regret
‘Cause I have lived, and I have loved like no other
I won’t fear what lies ahead


There are roads, in this life that I have traveled
There are scars and there are battles, this I know
I’ve been lost, but no matter where I go
They will one day lead me home

They will one day lead, me home

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