A Most Unusual Playmate

A Most Unusual Playmate

My favorite time to get out in the kayak is on a still early evening while the sun is 3/4 finished it’s daily journey across the sky. Tonight, I decided to explore the small waterways branching off the main lake for the first time this season. As I pointed the front of my kayak into a calm canal, I was startled by a turtle splashing the surface to escape my impending paddle.

Three ducks were swimming along ahead of me. As I caught up to them, two quickly disappeared. The third, obviously a bit tizzy, strained her neck forward, flapped her wings madly, and dove to the right of the canal. I kept paddling…. she then looked quite panicked and dove to the left, moving forward slightly, in front of the bow of the kayak. Back to the right, then to the left again. I was worried I’d give her a heart attack, so I slowed down.

She continued this left/right panicked behavior, for the entire length of the canal. I was feeling very sorry for this daft little duck. As we neared the end, I gave her lots of space and turned around to head back out.

My paddle hit the water pushing in a new direction for three or four dips, when out of corner of my right eye, I see a low flying duck. She lands…. you guessed it…. right in front of my kayak again.

I was in stunned disbelief! We left the canal in exactly the same manner I entered it. Her diving left and right of the bow of the kayak.

When I entered the lake, I knew for certain she was playing with me. She was estimating the direction I was going, and if she was off a little, she’d come back and dive in front of my bow again. She performed this action all the way across the lake and halfway down the river to my home. Eventually, she flew off in the direction we met.

I was thoroughly entertained for the entire trip, but wonder… maybe she’s heard I’m influential about ducks on Klout?!?!

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