10 Famous Films Made in Michigan

10 Famous Films Made in Michigan

The local film industry seems to be picking up steam or perhaps I’ve just found where to get the information. I’ve faithfully been watching Detroit 1-8-7 on Tuesdays or on Hulu if I miss it (which is more often than not).

UK’s The Telegraph recently ran an article titled Ten famous films shot in Michigan. They are as follows:

  1. Up in the Air: George Clooney 2009
  2. American Beauty: Kevin Spacey 1999
  3. Gran Torino: Clint Eastwood 2008
  4. Die Hard 2: Bruce Willis 1990
  5. Beverly Hills Cop: Eddie Murphy 1984
  6. Things Fall Apart: 50 Cent 2010
  7. 8 Mile: Eminem 2002
  8. Gulliver’s Travels: Jack Black 2010
  9. Real Steel: Hugh Jackman 2010
  10. Cedar Rapids: Sigourney Weaver 2011

The films weren’t necessarily shot in their entirety here, but portions were. To learn what other films have Michigan scenes, visit the Michigan Film Office’s Made in MIchigan page.

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  1. I can’t believe they left off Somewhere In Time. That movie was defined by its location, provided by the historic Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island. To omit that in favor of some of the recent films that haven’t even come out yet (and therefore really can’t be considered ‘famous’) such as Real Steel or Cedar Rapids is absurd.

  2. You’re right! I had forgotten about that movie. I wondered about the list as well…. thought perhaps it’s was a “promotional” piece.

  3. Oh, it’s totally a promotional piece at its core, and a really bad one. Notice how on half the movies, they even failed to tell WHAT part(s) of the movies were shot in Michigan. The article is search engine content chum, clickbait, and shill piece for upcoming films all in one. Well-done, Telegraph!

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